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Bodyguard is completion of the unit professionally trained security guards, who have completed special training and accords to their skill levels. Private security services are based on international practices and long experience is that which fully meets today's standards of bodyguards service area. Bodyguard job specificity is a fundamental threat to the exclusion of an anti-guarded person. Personal Guard is based on the principle - the prevention of danger before it is implemented. Each body-must be highly qualified psychologist, who must have the ability to quickly understand the situation and make the right decision because the attack easier to anticipate than reject. For personal safety measures, the group is created. Group size is determined taking into account the degree of threat guarded person. The team is armed with firearms, defense and communications equipment.

The primary activities of private security guards to organize:

Collecting information, gathering and processing information about the possible dangers that can be guarded against the person. Security arrangements making.

Measures being taken to ensure personal security:

  • guarded person has his habitual residence security check
  • permanent movement route safety inspection
  • guarded person in the organization of events and marketing
  • guarded personal escort during movement
  • permanent location of the surroundings and the route changes in observation
  • single-location security check
  • single-location observation
  • potential sites of attack detection and blocking

In the private guards are different schemes, depending on the protected person's specialties:

  • escort, secure protection of personal business and informal meetings
  • fyzical and legal persons in a crisis situation arose suddenly able to use around the clock
  • operationally available in addition to power, and fundraising (early group of the Operational Support Group)
  • opportunity to use professionally prepared cars and drivers