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contract rules

  1. Landlord Tenant, reserving and guaranteeing a car (including driver's services and include fuel)
  2. Tenant shall specify the exact car the place, date and time.
  3. Advance payment: Ls 50.00
  4. The Treaty shall enter into force at the time of receipt of prepayment, if Tenant terminates this Agreement, the prepayment will not be returned.
  5. If Landlord terminates this Agreement, the advance is repaid Ls 100.00.
  6. Tenant shall undertake a thorough and careful use of leased cars, and shall be materially liable for the car interior and its equipment during the lease term.
  7. Tenant agrees that the lessor has the right to unilaterally change the contract conditions of the order which is binding on the Lessee.
  8. The lessor has the right to immediately terminate this contract if:
      8.1 Tenant is ruin rented car, Vehicle, and the relevant property (containers, technical equipment, lights, appliances, etc.) to careless or contract as opposed to using.
      8.2 Tenant unresponsive or fails to instruct the driver.
      8.3 The Lessor shall be entitled to compensation for damage to the car to determine the amount of - money amounts.
  9. Lessee shall have the right to inspect the car at the time of receipt, and make the ratings for any damage or deficiencies, notifying the driver.
  10. Any dispute, disagreement between the Parties arising in connection with the performance of the Contract shall be solved by negotiations. In the event no agreement is reached through negotiations, disputes are brought to trial in accordance with LR existing law.
  11. The Treaty shall enter into force on signature and the mutual signing of this Agreement Tenant acknowledges that the Treaty's content and its nature is fully understood by him and he agrees with them.
  12. The contract is drawn up in 2 (two) copies in English, with the same legal effect - one copy - for each party.