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Limousines are no longer a rare phenomenon. Every day, the car has been found in elongating the streets, that surprises with its length, appearance and use. Nowadays, limousines are in high demand, birthday parties, weddings, baby at the hospital as well as many other surprises handling, but only a few know who were the people who pioneered this car rebuilding and reconstruction.

Robert Peterson, and George W. Lemans was the people which began with the limousine industry. 1962. The racing driver George Lemans banged his racing car, Robert Peterson and car was a car it saremonteja Leman, so that it is similar to its previous appearance. Happened it, that at the same time Lemans had received a major overhaul of the inheritance from his father, so the idea arose, that this heritage can begin to invest in the manufacture of limousines for special order.

Car Lincoln Continental (1963rd year) was taken as the basis for a production unit. Lincoln Continental was oversawed to the parties, and was inserted into the additional section, the car would be sufficiently strong and resistant. It was reinforced roof renovation and carrying a box of thresholds and, in addition to behind the driver's seat was created in addition to the wall, to remove the driver from the cabin. Of course, it was also for many other modifications, the car would be tenable. This newly created limousine took the test inspection of the Ford factory. Ford interested in this model, and ultimately, they concluded a contract between the Leman and Peterson.

Every limousine processed to order. Delivery time was 27 working days Unit in a limousine and were working together about 40 people. All customers were offered in addition to all of the options and extras, what he wanted. Originally limousine let Hollywood stars to move from party to party, firstshows or cinematographic festivals, but limousine popularity grew and grew. Nowadays, any of us can rent a limousine, which pioneered the manufacture, thanks to Lehmann & Peterson creative collaboration.

Jolanta Rubin, University College of Business Public Relations, Faculty of first year student